What Is Salon Spaware And How Can It Help Me Run My Spa Business?

So you own a spa or beauty Salon and are just now hearing about Salon Spaware? What is it, you may be asking yourself? Well, I am sure you have some idea in mind, but in this article we will go into further detail about what it is and how it can benefit you!

Spaware for your salon is easy to use computer software that manages and keeps up with your day to day routines at the spa. If you are one of those owners who still uses a planner and a pencil to schedule your appointments – this is just the item you need to help you with your routine. You will easily be able to book appointments (without flipping page after page) and you will also be able to easily find a client’s lost appointment time if they happen to forget when it is.

Spaware is not only effective for keeping schedules for clients and yourself but also has features like barcode scanning; credit card processing and client service history AND also has the ability for you to customize your very own customer loyalty program. This is a feature many salons have today, however, it usually consists of using a hole punch and punching 10 holes onto a business card. Well, not anymore! You can choose to keep the same loyalty benefits as you had before, but now you can add products into the mix as well!

Email confirmation is another great feature of this software. Whether a client schedules their appointment online or through a walk in visit they will receive an email confirmation that the appointment has been made! Customers can also choose to opt into an email marketing list for your salon as well. You can update clients of up and coming sales promotions on products, as well as offer discounts or to inform them of a special event you may be holding.

Other than the great features discussed above, Salon Software also offers many benefits to help you as the owner to better manage your business. You can easily keep track of inventory by checking in full orders and watching as the numbers drop when things are sold in the salon. You can see right away when something is getting to low and you need to re-order before you run out. Much easier than having to count each item on the shelf physically every day!

In addition there is an accounting section to help you better manage the finances of the business. You can check up on your employees by seeing how many clients they have serviced that day and you can also see how much commission they are getting from each client!

Whatever your needs for finding a solution to better manage your salon business this is the software to do it! You will save so much more time by simply pressing a few buttons on a computer than having to pull out the old work books and go through every page of salon data and workload history. Try this software today!

Many owners of hairdressing Parlors and beauty Salons use Salon Software ti manage the flow of work.

5 Factors to Consider When Creating Storefront Signs

When it comes to your storefront sign, it’s just like a flag which gives an indication to your prospective customers to saunter inside. The layout, graphics, text, images, logo and everything should be informative, visible, attention-grabbing, yet succinct. The display should also exude your store’s theme, culture and personality. Getting this done is not as easy as it sounds. Professional and experienced companies dealing in such products and services are able to do it with perfection.

So, let’s continue reading this article to learn about the tricks and tips to develop stellar storefront displays.

First Determine the Dimensions & Size

First, you need to understand how big your sign will be. This again depends on the space available and budget. How much space you have outside your shop and how much you can afford to spend on the design and installation matters a lot. Take measurements of the premises and consult about the dimensions with the manufacturer. Study the print brochures of the manufacturer if required.

Here are a few recommendations for you:

● For every ten feet of viewing distance, the ideal font size should be 1 inch in height. Say for instance, if you want your store display to be visible from a distance of 30 feet, the letters should be at least 3 inches in height.
● The overall size of the product should be proportionate and must not look small or clumsy from a distance.

Ask for a Template File

Get in touch with a sign maker and ask for a template file. This will help you make the display as per your business needs. The template can be sized in sync with the exact proportions required to make the product. Inquire if the provider is using an appropriate software application to create a custom template.

Font Consideration

You have a café selling grilled chicken or ham sandwiches and coffee. Your coffee shop is in a busy location where thousands of people pass by, either walking or driving away in their car. In this context, it’s imperative that you choose a bold font that is easily noticeable by passing people and vehicles. Avoid using script fonts because they appear as handwriting and won’t be legible enough to read.

If you already have a logo in place with a catchphrase, you can use that font for writing your brand name.

As far as the font size is concerned, ensure that it is visible from quite a distance. Take some time in deciding the size because the lettering height will take about 30-60 percent of the space.


It is recommended that you choose two colors for your store signage. You can always opt for a third color provided that you use a neutral shade to balance the 2 colors. The colors you choose should create a good contrast so that the lettering and texts are visible against the backdrop.

Some of the combinations that will work best for your store are:
● Blue and white
● Yellow and black
● White and black

Again, if you are using corporate colors, use not more than two to maintain brand consistency.

Descriptive Illustration of the Offerings

Only contrasting shades and typeface will not work for you. You need to use short illustrative descriptions adjacent to the primary text of your storefront display. This will give your customers an idea of what you are offering in your store. This is more applicable for ice-cream and art and craft shops.

So, if you have a coffee shop or eatery on a busy high street, have a word with any reputed company offering sign design services to get the most out of your investment.

The Euro-India 2013- Physical and Online Exhibition Part of the 38th Cyprus International Fair

Euro India 2013, the most awaited Trade and Business Event is being hosted jointly by
IMC Business Global Plc, the pioneering online exhibitions organizer running 200+ national portals globally, in a strategic partnership with the Cyprus State Fairs Authority (CSFA ). The Online Exhibition will be hosted on www.IndiaExpoonline.com

Euro India 2013, is a first of its kind ‘Physical and Online Exhibition’ of Indian products and services which will enable Indian companies to benefit from the thousands of international visitors from South Europe, North Africa and Middle East and the Balkans, visiting the prestigious 38th Cyprus International Fair. The annual Cyprus International Fair, of which Euro India 2013 is an integral part attracts more than 50,000 visitors.

The Physical exhibition will take place between the 4th and 9th of October 2013 and will be an integral part of the Cyprus International Fair, while the online exhibition will start on the 1st of September and last for two months after the completion of the physical exhibition. From the 1st of September onwards and for two months following the completion of the physical exhibition the online exhibition will go live on www.Indiaexpoonline.com and will run in parallel on all the country portals of the region. Online exhibitors will have the benefit of one month additional exposure prior to the opening of the physical exhibition thereby multiplying the effectiveness of their physical presence.

As online exhibitors, Indian companies will have all the advantages of having a complete www.ExpoOnline.com pavilion in a special exhibition; including presentations of their products, documents and brochures, business cards etc. At the end of the physical fair, a video for each exhibitor’s stand/booth will be uploaded to the online exhibition on www.Indiaexpoonline.com
As physical exhibitors, Indian companies will be able to promote their products to a wide geographic region through a single fair. The Euro India 2013 exhibition will be hosted on IndiaExpoOnline.com, ChinaExpoOnline.com and CyprusExpoOnline.com. It will therefore be directly visited from an Expo Hall from all 25 regional portals with a captive audience of 5,000,000 business visitors per month

Euro India 2013 hosted on www.Indiaexpoonline.com, will be the gateway of business opportunity and the golden chance for any Indian companies to penetrate the Middle East, Southern Europe and North Africa. Some industries which may gain enormously from this platform include, General Trading, Food Stuff, Spices & Condiments, Ingredients Handicrafts, Art, Fashion, Jewellery, Interiors Furnishing, Furniture & Home Accessories, Electrical, Electronic & Home Appliances, Textiles, Garments & Clothing Accessories, Light Engineering, Building Materials & Industrial Products Services . There is also good scope for IT, Financial Services, Auditing & Investment Consulting, other Industry participants. The exhibition offers competitive rates for physical and online participation
The Target Market includes the traditional markets of the Cyprus International Trade Fair such as Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai Sharjah, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Malta, Italy, Spain etc

The CSFA will undertake an extensive mass media campaign to promote the 38th Cyprus International Fair of which Euro India 2013 exhibition is an integral part. The trade missions of Cyprus in the target countries will contact trade buyers and invite them to visit the exhibition. The exhibition is also promoted by the Cyprus Tourism Organization and the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency. The exhibition enjoys the support of the Indian High Commission in Cyprus, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus High Commission and the Commercial Consoler’s office in India as well as the Cyprus India Business Association.

5 Strategies to Enhance Employer Branding

Employer branding is the image that an employer projects about the organisation denotes its reputation as an employer.

In today’s highly competitive market, employer branding is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining the right kind of employee. It helps in improving employee’s loyalty and job satisfaction by increasing their identification with the company. Hence, if a company has a strong employer brand, then it is considered a distinctive place to work, with higher career opportunities and prospects.

Hiring and retaining top performers is essential for growth and to maintain a competitive edge. If a company is viewed as being an unpopular employer, it will consequently affect the employees and thus cause mismanagement in the entire corporate system.

Here are few points to increase employer branding for your company/organisation:

1. Communication Strategy
• There should be a planned detailing of how information and issues will be presented in order that people will understand and respond to them.
• Keeping the communication channels open between employer and the employees.
• Once the organisation makes it clear for an employee to know the right person to communicate with, all they need to do is choosing the most efficient and effective channels for reaching them.
• Thus, it prevents contradictory, confusion, misinterpretation, etc. between the employee and employer.

2. Employer Value Proposition(EVP)
• The EVP is the balance of the rewards and benefits that are received by employees in return for their performance at the workplace.
• The EVP gives current and future employees a reason to work for an organisation.
• Value proposition should identify the unique policies, processes and programs that demonstrate the organisation’s commitment towards employees.
• Sometimes EVP’s are the central reasons that people choose to commit themselves to an organisation.

3. Action
• Once you know what your target audience wants, the next step is to find out how well you deliver it.
• Implementing all the steps and monitoring closely what needs to be changed along the way is an essential stage of employer branding.
• Employers should research their environment to know how their target group perceives them; understand what they want and need from them, thus making the changes.
• An evaluation of all activities will need to be made sure that they are on track.

4. Evolve with the times
• A report reveals that globally, upgrading employer branding is considered the second most essential and long term trend with respect to recruitment.
• As business challenges change, the employee value proposition also goes through alterations.
• So keeping up with the times and making the changes to your employer branding strategy with the passage of time is definite.
• Thus, with the change and development in technology and generation, dynamism is very important to keep up with situations.

5. Appreciation of employees
• It is very necessary for a good employer to motivate his employees by a word of appreciation.
• This boosts the morale of the employee and an atmosphere of healthy competition arises between the employees.
• A perfect balance has to be made so that positive relations are built which adds to employer branding.